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Let The Children Live! is a charity registered with the Charity Commission No.1013634 through which people can respond to the needs of children from the streets and shanty-towns of Colombia’s cities, and in particular the city of Medellín.  It aims both to safeguard the lives of children from the violence and poverty of the streets, and to make their lives worth living by giving them love, education and a future.



And, it Lets the Children SING! 

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The charity was founded in 1992 by Fr Peter Walters, who first became involved with the street-children in 1982 when they helped him after he became temporarily stranded in Colombia. It is a charitable ( not-for-profit ) organisation and does not engage in political activity. “We recognise that the phenomenon of the street-children is the product of complex social problems to which there are no easy answers. Our aim is to support the Colombian people as they take the initiative in caring for the most disadvantaged of their children,” says Fr Peter. “They are making the most of their limited resources, but they need support from abroad for this work to continue and grow. Because the children have no-one, they really belong to us all. Unless we help them, these children will remain ‘disposable ones’: throwaway kids with no future at all.”




Let The Children Live! is a Christian charity and is strongly pro-life. We believe that no human being is ‘disposable’ and that every person is precious to God.We are concerned to ensure that each child is cared for as an individual, with his or her own special needs and can experience life ‘in all its fullness’.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the lives of many children have already been preserved and made worth living through the provision of love, care, education and training.



But it is never ending work, for whenever some children leave the streets, others take their place.














Let The Children Live! does not run its own projects directly but uses most of the funds it raises to support Fundación ¡Vivan Los Niños!, which is known as Funvini for short. Based in Medellín, Funvini was set up in 1994 to be the main partner of Let The Children Live! in Colombia and to enable it to finance new initiatives for the children there. It has been granted legal recognition as a charity by the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar. Funvini is currently helping some 550 children through its various programmes.

To find more details of our work, go to the ‘Funvini’ page.