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UK taxpayers can increase the value of their donations by using the Gift Aid scheme. To do this please click on the Gift Aid button to download the necessary form.

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Make a Donation

There are various ways in which you can make a donation to support our work.

By Post

You can send a donation through the post.  Please send cheques — made payable to Let The Children Live! — to:

 Let The Children Live!

PO Box 11




NR22 6EH


Secure on-line donations

You may now make a secure donation on-line through CharityCheckout, with whom the charity is registered. To do so, click on the arrow on the ‘Donate To Let The Children Live!’ panel beneath the menu on each page. If you are able to Gift-Aid your donation just tick the Gift-Aid box when you make your donation and CharityCheckout will claim the tax back for us. We have used CharityCheckout for the last 4 years and we have found it very reliable.


 By Text

Let The Children Live! is registered with JustTextGiving by Vodafone. 

To make a donation:

Type LTCL24 and the amount you want to donate into your phone and send to 70070







eg.  LTCL24  + £10 TO 70070



You will receive a text message receipt and a chance to add Gift Aid.

Your donations will be paid into the charity’s Bank Account each month by BACS.


Our Bank Account details are as follows:

Barclays Bank:     Let The Children Live!

Account No. 13514919

Sort Code: 209861

              Many thanks from our children in Colombia!



Remember the Street-Children in your Will

Supporters of Let The Children Live! sometimes ask for a Form of Bequest so that their concern for the street-children can continue to bear fruit after their deaths.The charity receives surprisingly few legacies, so it would seem that people who remember it in their Wills tend to live on for a good long time!

Please make these unloved and ‘disposable’ children members of your extended family by including them amongst the beneficiaries of your Will. All departed Benefactors of the charity are remembered regularly at Mass in Casa Walsingham, and the names of those who have made bequests of £1,000 or more will be recorded in a Book of Remembrance which will be kept in the chapel there.

For reasons that have been explained in the issue of Vivant! for 2006, it is possible that the name and Registered Charity number of Let The Children Live! may have to be changed. If that happens, bequests which have been left to the charity under its present name and number will not automatically become payable to its successor unless Benefactors have left specific directions about this in their Wills.

If you are making your Will, please be sure to use the Form of Bequest below to make your wishes absolutely clear. And if you have already mentioned the charity in your Will, please ask your solicitor to adapt the Form of Bequest to make an appropriate codicil to your Will. These steps are essential to ensure that your wishes will eventually be carried out, and that the children will not lose a legacy which could save or transform their lives.


Form of Bequest

” I give______________________________________________to Let The Children Live registered charity number 1159113 I direct that if the charity shall have for any reason ceased to operate or exist at the date of my death then this gift shall be applied by my executors to any charity or charitable purpose the trustees of the charity shall have determined the assets of that charity should be applied to whether before my death or otherwise including any charitable company they shall have resolved to establish and which has taken over the undertaking of the charity”

Please note that no punctuation is usually used in the drafting of a Will. This is a technical legal document, and in order to ensure its validity it should be drawn up with professional advice, and signed and witnessed in exactly the prescribed manner. 

To print out the Form please copy and paste it to your desktop, then print as normal.


Family Flowers Only

Many of the flowers that are left to decay in churchyards, cemetaries and crematoria were actually grown in Colombia. Surely it would be better if some of the money that is spent on them were to be used to help Colombian children instead? After all, no florist’s wreath can possibly compare with a garland of children’s smiles.

If you feel this way,why not do something about it when you are leaving your own funeral instructions or making arrangements for someone else? You could say that the notice in the paper should say that you would prefer that flowers should be sent only by members of the immediate family, and suggest that other relations and friends should send a donation to Let The Children Live! in lieu of flowers. Some people also ask for a collection plate to be made available at the back of the church so that mourners can make a donation to the charity on their way out after the service.

Being able to think of the aid and comfort that such kind actions will bring to needy children in Colombia may be a real consolation to you or your family at a very difficult time.