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How You Can Help

Buy our NEW CD–PASABOCAS–£8.00 plus P&P £1.00 from 01302 858369. Listen to an extract on the link below.

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There are many ways in which you can help us to help the street-children and so become part of this work. Some involve hard work, but we hope they will also involve you in having fun.

Obviously we need money to maintain our work in Colombia so most, though not all, of the following suggestions do involve it.


Prayers please!

Support us with your prayers. This, after all, is God’s work and first and foremost we need His help so your prayers are extremely important. Pray for Fr Peter and all our staff. Pray for our children and all the children in the streets and shanty towns. For those who would like specific prayers an Intercession sheet is available twice a year upon request. Write or email us.



Many people support our work by sending donations, either singly, or on a regular basis through a Standing Order. Those who can do so Gift-Aid their donations, thus enabling us to reclaim the tax they have paid on it. If you are a UK resident and pay UK taxes you can enable Let The Children Live! to get a considerable sum back from HMRC, increasing your gift by 25%. You will need to fill in a Gift Aid Declaration Form, and these, plus any other information you require, can be obtained from our Walsingham address or by e mailing us. You can also make a donation on-line with your credit or debit card, through CharityCheckout. You can access this from any page on the web-site.


Invite a Speaker

Our most valuable contact with people comes when we are invited to speak about our work in parishes, schools and clubs. Such invitations give us the chance to publicise our work and to make appeals for financial support. However, there is a great deal of competition for such engagements and they are getting more and more difficult to find. One very valuable way of helping our work would be to approach your parish priest, vicar or minister and tell them about Let The Children Live! Ask if they would be prepared to agree to a visit and allow an Appeal. We can supply you with literature. Or, you may have contacts with local schools and would be prepared to speak to the Headteacher or Head of RE and suggest a visit. Or maybe you have links with clubs such as Lions, Rotary, W.I., Inner Wheel etc and could suggest a visit to them. If you require any literature or need to make a booking please send an e-mail or ring 01302 858369.


Pass the word on–become our PUBLICITY AGENTS!!!

Tell other people about our work. Raising and maintaining awareness of Colombia’s street-children is vitally important. Relatively little is heard about them in the media so we must be their voice. Pass on our literature to your family and friends. Make our work known wherever you can and you will be playing an important part in helping the children.


Join a Support Group

Let The Children Live! has several Support Groups around the country. These groups help to make the work of the charity more widely known and raise money to support it. If you live near one of them maybe you would like to join it and help us in that way. Or, if you don’t live near any of the Groups, why not think about forming your own Group? The present Groups are based in Walsingham, Leicester, Kingswinford, Torbay, Birtley ( nr. Newcastle ) and Doncaster. For more details please contact us by e-mail, phone or post.


Hold a Tea-Party, a Lunch or an ‘At Home Day’

Some of our supporters have already done this to raise money for us and they had very successful and enjoyable events. Why not think about organising one yourself? We can supply you with literature and photos ( but sorry, not the food! )



From time to time we receive requests from people who feel they would like to volunteer to go out to Colombia to assist our work and in the past we have been grateful for such help. However, the situation in Colombia is currently unstable and the violence is on the increase again. Unfortunately, Let The Children Live! is not in a position to be able to safeguard volunteers against the very real dangers that exist at the moment and, therefore, the Trustees have decided that we cannot consider taking volunteers at this time. 



Try fund-raising yourself. There are lots of things you might do and although arranging an Event is usually hard work, the Event itself can be a good social occasion, often combinig lots of fun and laughter with valuable fund-raising. We can supply Display Material upon request.


Shop around!

Support our shop! In the pilgrimage centre of Little Walsingham in North Norfolk you’ll find our charity shop, No 38 High Street, selling all manner of good things and you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a boutique instead of a charity shop. Many a bargain has been found here!  A warm welcome is assured and you’ll enjoy browsing round the various rooms, searching in cupboards and drawers……..Click on the next page, “Our Shop In Walsingham”, for pictures. The new CD, Pasabocas, is available there for just £8.00!

Listen to another extract on the link below.



This website shows the work of a group of people based in Luxembourg who regularly run workshops for young people who enjoy working with clay. They make clay dragons, fire and paint them, and sell them online. Each dragon is named after the person who made it. All profits from the workshops and sale of dragons is given to Let The Children Live! Check out their website. Treat yourself to a dragon!


Sell on Ebay

We are now registered with Ebay so if you have something to sell, sell it for Let The Children Live! Just go to our page on Ebay.



You can help support our work by donating through Justgiving. To do this, just click here.


Our ChildrenYour Heirs…..Remember us in your Will

Our children could be your heirs…..have you thought of this? When you die you could save the life of a child, indeed many children. Please keep this in mind when making, or updating your Will.

Form of Bequest: “I give………………………to Let The Children Live registered charity number 1159113 I direct that if any charity shall have for any reason ceased to operate or exist at the date of my death then this gift shall be applied by my executors to any charity or charitable purpose the trustees of the charity shall have determined the assets of that charity should be applied to whether before my death or otherwise including any charitable company they shall have resolved to establish and which has taken over the undertaking of the charity” (Please note that no punctuation is usually used in the drafting of a Will. This is a technical legal document, and in order to ensure its validity it should be drawn up with professional advice, and signed and witnessed in exactly the prescribed manner.)