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Children’s Day in Colombia

Yesterday, October 31st, was Children’s Day in Colombia and Funvini’s children had a fun day hearing the story of Beauty and the Beast and then acting it out.



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Our Own School!

In July this  year  Funvini opened its own school for the first of what will eventually be 3 groups of students. This first group of 19 is made up of young people from the streets and shanty-towns, both girls and boys.

Some of the girls are members of our Adolescent Mothers group and bring their babies with them.The students are divided into two groups according to their behavioural problems and things have got off to a good start.

The school’s programme is built around the lives of the boys and girls rather than it being the other way round and is tailored to their needs. This means that whereas they could never have hoped to fit in with the requirements of the state schools, they are able to benefit from the education offered by Funvini. Their work will be validated by one of the state schools and when they have completed their education they will gain their School Certificate. Funvini also has an Extension Programme that offers the boys and girls help and advice once they have finished school.

At the moment the classes are held in Casa Walsingham, but as space is very short things are rather cramped and this is why only one group is up and running so far. When space allows a second group will be added for children with special needs and finally a third group for the choir.



















May Devotion at Casa Walsingham

The May Devotion took place at Casa Walsingham yesterday and the statue of our Lady was crowned with flowers.

Father Peter and Fr Enrique led the ceremony.

Tell others about our work and become our


Invitations wanted

We urgently need parishes and schools where we can give talks and make Appeals during 2018. Can you help us by approaching your Parish Priest and/or your RE Teacher at school? Ring 01302 858369 if you can and you will be playing an important part in our work!

NB All weekends for 2017 are now full, but we are taking bookings for 2018.

NB. Fr Peter will have copies of our choir’s new CD, Pasabocas, with him when he visits parishes and schools, or you can buy one by ringing us on 01302 858369. They cost £7.50 each, or £7.50 plus P&P £1.50, by mail order within the UK.
Please ring for information about other postage prices. 


              The Easter Garden at Casa Walsingham


Colombia With Simon Reeve

Some of you may have seen BBC Two’s programme on Colombia which was shown on Easter Sunday. In it Simon Reeve visited the country to try and assess what the chances were for peace now, and one of the places he visited was Medellín, where our work is based. As the programme showed, a lot of good things have been happening in the city and for many people life has improved significantly. It was good to see a more positive view of Colombia. However, our children in Medellín continue to experience a rather different reality, which unfortunately wasn’t touched on in the programme. They come from the many shanty-towns that cover the mountain sides around the city centre and for them life is still violent and often dangerous. A high proportion of the shanty-towns are controlled by a banda (a powerful gang) and it is all too easy to fall foul of the banda and find oneself in immense trouble and danger. The children with whom we work are very vulnerable and disadvantaged and whilst we hope that one day they will enjoy the benefits of the city’s progress shown in the programme, at the moment they need our help if they are to stay alive and have the chance of life, life in all it’s fulness.


Landslide News

The landslide that claimed the lives of hundreds of people, many of them children, in Mocoa, which lies a good way south of Medellín, also left people homeless and some children without parents. The Archbishop of Medellín has sent round an emergency letter asking all churches and organisations within the Archdiocese to send what they could afford to a special Account set up by Caritas and Fr Peter authorised the sending of 3,500,000 pesos, the equivalent of £1,000, from the charity.

Have you changed over??

For some time now we have been advising our supporters who give by Standing Order or Direct Debit that as from January 2017 the charity’s Bank Account details would be changing and that they would therefore need to give our new details to their banks. Whilst most supporters have done this, there are still approx. 72 who have not and for some of these supporters we have no contact details as they set up their Standing Orders and Direct Debits themselves. So, this is the only way we have of trying to reach them. If you still have payments going into our old account please contact your bank and give them our new account details as soon as possible.

New Account Details

Barclays Bank-Worcester Branch

Account name: Let The Children Live!

Account No: 13514919

Sort Code: 209861

Many thanks for your support.


Sad News About Breiner

Fifteen year old Breiner was a former altar-boy, and his friends among the staff and children at Casa Walsingham were greatly shocked and saddened when they heard, last week, that he had been murdered. Fr Peter received donations last weekend to pay for his funeral expenses, and a Requiem for Brainer was celebrated yesterday (Thursday 9th) at Casa Walsingham. Although it is true that there has been a reduction in murders in recent years, such killings still occur and they show the risk to which Funvini’s youngsters continue to be exposed. Just in the last week, Fr Peter and his team have dealt with two cases in which Funvini has had to persuade the authorities to take emergency measures to take teenage boys into care to protect them from the the gangs; and in one of these cases the whole family of the boy concerned has had to flee, and Funvini is currently providing temporary accommodation for his 10-year-old brother.



Past Events

The Forty Hours Devotion
27th August, 2016

Between Friday August 26th and Sunday 28th the children and staff of Funvini are celebrating the Forty Hours Devotion in the chapel at Casa Walsingham. The Intention is to ask for God’s blessing on our School Project and all our children will have the opportunity to spend some time in the chapel. A group of 50 girls are having a ‘sleepover’ at Casa Walsingham on the Friday night—-a great favourite with them! In small groups they will spend two 15 minute periods keeping watch before the Blessed Sacrament, accompanied by one of our staff. On Saturday night, 50 boys will be doing the same thing. Throughout Saturday children will come to Casa Walsingham to take part in the devotion and to enjoy the activities that will be provided for them.The devotion will end with Mass at 8am on Sunday morning followed by a Procession through the streets, during which the canopy over the Blessed Sacrament will be carried by four of our boys from the street.

The Forty Hours Devotion at Casa Walsingham

The Forty Hours Devotion at Casa Walsingham

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