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Let The Children Live Song – Download MP3 track (link opens song in a new window)


¡Vivan Los Niños!…

Children of the world, so much has been wrong; teach us sing with you a truly new song. Parseritos! children full of the sun, light our path through life to love everyone.

¡Vivan Los Niños! Let the children live! ¡Vivan Los Niños! They have much to give. Parse, my friend, come, help us right this wrong! ¡Vivan Los Niños! sing with me my song.

© 1998 Copyright by Watermead Music Collection 7
Words by John Daley I.C. & Peter Walters

¡Vivan Los Niños! means ‘Let the children live!’ and ‘Hurray for kids’ Parse means ‘Friend’ Parseritos is Colombian street slang for ‘Little friends’


This catchy song was published especially for Let the Children Live!, with music by Alison Kennedy and words by Birstall parish priest Fr John Daley and Let the Children Live! Director Fr Peter Walters.
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