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Our Own School

 In July this  year  Funvini opened its own school for the first of what will eventually be 3 groups of students. This first group of 19 is made up of young people from the streets and shanty-towns, both girls and boys.

Some of the girls are members of our Adolescent Mothers group and bring their babies with them.

The students are divided into two groups according to their behavioural problems and things have got off to a good start.

The school’s programme is built around the lives of the boys and girls rather than it being the other way round and is tailored to their needs. This means that whereas they could never have hoped to fit in with the requirements of the state schools, they are able to benefit from the education offered by Funvini. Their work will be validated by one of the state schools and when they have completed their education they will gain their School Certificate. Funvini also has an Extension Programme that offers the boys and girls help and advice once they have finished school.

At the moment the classes are held in Casa Walsingham, but as space is very short things are rather cramped and this is why only one group is up and running so far. When space allows a second group will be added for children with special needs and finally a third group for the choir.



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