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Colombia with Simon Reeve

Some of you may have seen BBC Two’s programme on Colombia which was shown on Easter Sunday. In it Simon Reeve visited the country to try and assess what the chances were for peace now, and one of the places he visited was Medellín, where our work is based. As the programme showed, a lot of good things have been happening in the city and for many people life has improved significantly. It was good to see a more positive view of Colombia. However, our children in Medellín continue to experience a rather different reality, which unfortunately wasn’t touched on in the programme. They come from the many shanty-towns that cover the mountain sides around the city centre and for them life is still violent and often dangerous. A high proportion of the shanty-towns are controlled by a banda (a powerful gang) and it is all too easy to fall foul of the banda and find oneself in immense trouble and danger. The children with whom we work are very vulnerable and disadvantaged and whilst we hope that one day they will enjoy the benefits of the city’s progress shown in the programme, at the moment they need our help if they are to stay alive and have the chance of life, life in all it’s fulness.

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