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St Stephen’s, Dalmuir

The parish of St Stephen’s, Dalmuir, and in particular its young people, have been responsible for raising a wonderful amount of money for Let The Children Live! in the last 12 years and their latest achievement of £1,020, was raised on Easter Sunday when they organised their annual Easter Egg Hunt.

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George McAleenan, the charity’s Voluntary Worker in Scotland  says this about St Stephen’s:

“I think we can say that about £27000.00 has been raised by various groups within the parish.  It commenced with me giving a talk to the young adult group in 2004, and since then the young adult group and the Sunday young children’s group have become very involved. Fr Peter has also made two weekend appeals. In addition, the parish has a women’s embroidery group and they have become involved in raising funds and have joined up with the young people to organise Christmas Fayres.The young people of the parish have raised much of the money by means of Easter Egg Hunts, Sponsored Walks and many other activities. St Stephens primary school has also been very much involved in the fundraising.”

George has visited the parish several times, giving talks to the young people and the embroidery group. He will be returning to the school later this year to up-date the pupils on the work of the charity. Martin Aelred, a contemporary Tenor singer, has performed one of his concerts for the parishioners.The parish prayer group supports the charity with their prayers and fundraising.The entire parish community is very much involved in the work of supporting the work of Fr Peter amongst the children of the streets and families in the shanty towns.

Again, George says:

“One of the driving forces in all of this is Brendan Ashton who works with and encourages the children in everything they do to help the charity. Helen Beechey has also been very much involved with the fund-raising and she has worked with Brendan, along with the young people and the prayer group.

We are truly grateful for all the support of this parish, especially everything which the young people have done over the past ten years and more, and for the great support given by the Parish Priest, Fr Aidan Martin.”

What a wonderful parish; we thank God for them and pray that many others will follow their excellent example.

A big Thank You! to everyone.



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