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What a Coffee Morning!

The people of Milngavie in East Dunbartonshire certainly like their coffee! The small Justice and Peace Group at St Joseph’s Church has been raising money for Let The Children Live! for the past 3 years and has, in total, raised £5,116 from just 3 events!! In 2011 a coffee morning raised £1,300. In 2012 a fashion show raised £1,062 and in May this year another coffee morning raised the mighty sum of £2,754! If that sounds like a lot of coffee, well it wasn’t just coffee that brought in all that money. There was tea too, and I understand that gallons of both beverages were drunk.  And, there were lots of home made cakes, a raffle and some very generous donations. George McAleenan, who has visited the charity’s work in Colombia several times, was also there and gave a moving Presentation about the work, and so enthusiastic are the members of the Justice and Peace Group that they have decided to continue supporting  our work in the streets and shanty-towns of Colombia. 

Many thanks to all involved in this venture, and particularly to Mary and Drew Williamson. Your support is greatly appreciated, not least by our children in Medellín.


Will you think about organising a Coffee Morning for us?




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