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Prayers needed, Please

Josiah is 9 years old and he has cancer. He has already had a kidney removed and last week another tumour, the size of an egg, was discovered and removed. At the moment we don’t know what the prognosis is, but he has asked his mother if he is going to die.

Josiah and his mother live in the north of Antioqueña, about 10 hours bus journey to the north of Medellín. His mother brought him to the city after hearing Fr Peter speak about our work on the radio. Desperate for help, she brought him to Funvini. The charity is paying for his medical treatment and when he is not in hospital he spends his time at Casa Walsingham or Casa Bannatyne, with his mother. Although only 9 years old he is a bright little boy and recently drew this picture to thank Fr Peter and the charity for helping him. In it he asks God to send down blessings like rain on the work of the charity.

 Please remember him and his mother in your prayers, and the staff of Funvini who are helping to care for him.

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